Martyn Stubbs and the NASA UFO Videos


Martyn Stubbs is known for his work on UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied (2006), UFO: The Greatest Story Ever Denied III – UFOs from Outer Space (2016) and The Secret NASA Transmissions: The Smoking Gun (2001).

For those of you who are not familiar, Martyn Stubbs is a former cable TV station manager from Vancouver, Canada. He is the man, who over a period of five years succeeded in using his station’s satellite array to record 2,500 hours of Space Shuttle transmissions via NASA’s downlink.

When NASA found out about the existence of this footage and that someone was actually monitoring all their moves in space and recording their downlink for five years, they immediately encrypted their transmissions.

One may wonder; if NASA has nothing to hide why did they encrypt their transmissions?

The Film “The Secret NASA Transmission: The Smoking Gun” was originally released in 2001 and revolutionized UFO research with NASA Space Shuttle cameras. This film remains today an important source of UFO research. The video footage was called the most popular underground tape among astronauts at that time, because it showed video evidence of alien presence in space. It mostly recorded in IR and UV light, which is invisible to a necked eye.

Many people have expressed their appreciation to Martyn for all his efforts and determination to bring this “sensitive NASA video material” to the general public. Pane is extremely grateful to Martyn, since he managed to provide video evidence for all that he has seen on the Astral Plane. 

Below is some of the video evidence that he managed to record while tuning into NASA’s Secret Transmission signal.

As Martyn have clearly stated…I have found a way to bring you this evidence – now it is entirely up to you…what you make of it. 

For more impressive UFO video evidence, provided by Martyn Stubbs – click on the following link.