To make all this a reality it takes enormous effort and determination from Pane and his family.

The entire Awakening Project is self-funded.

In our opinion, the continuation of the Project is very important.

It has a potential to take the human understanding about the hidden nature of reality and the extraterrestrial presence in our solar system…to a whole new level.

We all live on the same planet and we are all part of the same reality. However, there is a hidden aspect of reality, that many people are not aware of.

This hidden aspect is actually controlling all other aspects in our everyday reality and it is extremely complex. All others aspects of our reality are either created or adjusted in such a way to support that hidden aspect.

Therefore, the only way for all of us to truly progress and evolve, is to understand this hidden aspect that is secretly controlling or impacting our existence…without fear where this information or research will take us.

At the end of the day…only truth can set us free.

We need to understand who we truly are, where did we come from, what are we doing here and where are we going.

This understanding will lead us to a realization that we share this Universe with so many other sentient beings.

Probably more than 98% of them are more evolved than us and have reached technological level of development…that by far surpasses ours.

In other words, we are only one species out of trillions in the vastness of Cosmos.

We are not alone in the Cosmos…The Cosmos is teaming with life.

The Awakening Project also deals with collecting evidence that we are not alone in the solar system and that some species are kind and loving, while other deceptive and abusive towards human species.

From ancient times of Atlantis and glorious Lemuria, the extraterrestrial factor has played a major role in shaping the history of this planet.

Some of the species present today have been in this solar system for at least 12 000 years and are still actively interacting with human species in both positive and negative way.

The positive contacts result with sharing more useful knowledge about us and the true nature of the Universe, while the negative involve deceptive and abusive scenarios such as alien abduction and implantation of small, but highly sophisticated nano-technological tracking devices.

A lot of these actives performed by the extraterrestrial species, are done during the human sleeping time, since due to a current lower genetic functionality, the human consciousness cannot remain fully conscious on the Astral Plane.

Therefore, The Awakening Project is putting enormous efforts to inform and educate people, who are open enough to listen and explore alternative realities.

The awakening of human latent Psionic potential is essential to change the human situation for the better. However, the human latent potential is very powerful and needs to be awaken and guided with wisdom.

Since the wisdom comes from knowledge and experience, the human consciousness needs to be ready first, before it can understand and utilize this Psionic potential.

All above and so much more….will eventually show us the best moves that we can make to improve our current situation in the solar system.

Please be aware that NASA, ESA or any other space agencies are not allowed to release the information that we are not alone.

Furthermore, be aware that we do not live in free human society, everything is monitored and controlled, in one way or another.

The elected government and the military of all countries do not run the show. There is a world Shadow Government that deals with these above Top Secret subjects, and it has been keeping all of this in the dark for at least 6 decades.

However, there are new emerging flows in this Shadow Government, that are starting to think that the human species has progressed enough, that certain amount of information can be allowed to be released.

Anyway, for Pane…it has always been work in progress and there is still much to do.

The more people are awake and aware of what is truly happening and how can we change this reality for the better…the more chances we have to make a better future for us and our children. All efforts, no matter how small and insignificant they seem…counts.

Therefore, any support to keep this Project alive, would be well appreciated.