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The “Awakening” is a series of four non-fiction books. The Vol 1 and 3 are related and the Volume 2 and 4 are related…all four give the entire picture.

The first two books of the “Awakening series”, Vol 1 and 3 are published in November 2017. The estimated Release date for Volume 2 and 4 – September 2018 

The AwakeningVolume 2 / Forgotten Ancient Civilizations

The AwakeningVolume 4 / Journey Back Home

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Short description of all four books:

The Volume 1 deals with many different subjects combined in one powerful unity. It starts with the author’s personal view of the Universe, how it came to be and how it functions. The author explains that the life force itself is coming from higher dimensions of the Universe, through a medium called Psionic medium. This medium, stands for the infinitive ocean of divine energetic substance that runs throughout the entire Universe. Once the necessary theoretical input is provided to the reader, the author is slowly turning the book into a training manual for awakening human latent potentials. A complete overview of the RV process and Astral Projection is given and how it can be utilized by the consciousness to its fullest. After decades of long research, filtering data and firsthand experience, the author has concluded that the human race has been and still is exploited in so many ways by at least a few extraterrestrial species. These extraterrestrial species have been around for at least 12,000 years.

To most open minded individuals it should be perfectly clear that our current civilization is not the first on this planet and possibly not the last. From the ancient times of a glorious existence of Lemuria, Agartha and Atlantis when Earth was a living Paradise, the book will stretch to more recent human societies like the Ancient Egypt and Rama Empire; the author will take the reader through an unbelievable journey through time. It’s becoming obvious, that due to conflict driven by greed and desire for domination and control, extreme technological advancements and weapons were used in ancient times. Almost the entire planet was destroyed, and the involved parties in the conflict were not only from Lemuria and Atlantis, but included races that came from the stars, with different plans for planet Earth. After the major fall of DNA functionality and with limited awareness and abilities, humans became an easy target for some extraterrestrial species.

The author shares his astral observations and what the majority of aliens are doing on Earth. It is a remarkable book fully illustrated and a “must” for one to understand the author’s message in its entire complexity. In great details he deals with the genuine crop circle phenomenon and explains more than 250 crop designs in detail. Impressive research about non-thermal plasma balls making some of the crop formations is provided to the reader with evidence that cannot be denied. Andov explains all about the 2012 phenomenon and provides new shocking evidence that there was something very weird going on in space between 2008 and 2012. “The Awakening – Volume 3” deals with the author’s personal life, how he started walking this path, which techniques he used and his physical and astral contacts with various extraterrestrials species. If the consciousness of the reader is open, the new understanding will provide inner transformation, which eventually will lead to a full spiritual awakening.

The last book, deals with alien affairs on a scale of the solar system and beyond. Andov is convinced that in the long run, light will overcome the darkness and the damage that was done to this planet thousands of years ago, will be repaired. There are many other cultures out there that are observing us and many of them are willing to help if we change our ways. “The Awakening – Volume 4”, brings everything into perspective and shows that the process of “Great Awakening” has begun. As Andov describes his contacts with the friendly alien beings, he shares what he was told and that there is a number of highly evolved souls currently incarnated on Earth to assist this process of Awakening. Their vision is not to escape Earth, but to bring heaven to Earth.