Many abductees reported that they can feel that their bodies have been implanted with some sort of small alien device that affects them in various ways. The device is usually called “alien implant” and the long years of study and research showed that it is often used for tracking, surveillance, DNA sampling, mind control and other purposes. During routine x-ray, CT scan and MRI’s, the abductees sometimes discover one or more unexplained objects in their body. Neither their doctor nor the abductee is able to explain how these objects got there.

Implants are found in all parts of the human body, but most often in the brain, hand, leg or ear. Some can be removed, others cannot. It depends where they are located in the body. Some naturally dislodge after a period of time, or they are removed by whoever put them in the first place. Just as humans implant animals with microchips to be able to locate them in remote wildness from satellites in orbit, to study them etc., humans are monitored in the same way.

Some of the implants that have been removed from the human bodies and has been carefully analyzed and examined, were clearly showed that some of the material from which these tiny objects are made of, do not match any known element on the Periodic Table of Earth.

People that had been taken or had some form of contact, usually known as abductees, are rarely understood by the environment, because it often deals with matters far beyond normal understanding and perception of reality. Statistically, the reports are showing that some of the contacts are with positive intentions and some completely opposite.

Dr. Roger K. Leir was a world expert in the field of alien implants removal and during the The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, held from April 29 to May 3, 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington, he gave very impressive testimony on the subject.

The event was organized by Stephen G. Bassett’s Paradigm Research Group with goal to accomplish what the U.S. Congress had failed to do for forty-five years – seek out the facts surrounding the most important issue of this or any other time – evidence pointing toward an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Forty researchers along with military/agency/political persons of high rank testified for 30 hours over 5 days before 6 former members of the U. S. Congress regarding events and evidence for extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1947. In my personal opinion, the event was a big success and made a very big step forward towards the UFO disclosure and I hope that Paradigm Research Group will continue their efforts in the future.  

During the The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, Dr.Roger Leir gave the following statement:

“…There is no inflammatory response or rejection of these objects. The objects that were taken out from people, that have absolutely no idea how they got them in the first place, are obviously very advanced nanotechnology. Nanotechnological devices with nanocarbon tubes, either single or double wall, can be elongated and waved into carbon nanofibers, carbon nanostrains and they end in crystalline structures that are called orthorhombic which are regular rectangular structures.

This nanotechnology is extremely advanced; I’m talking about things at the level at the size of an atom, using the principle elements of certain materials put together in such a way, that they are able to broadcast or switch of, what we perceive as radio waves.

Which may not be a radio waves, it could be scalar technology which when it reaches our electromagnetic spectrum are converted to radio wave harmonics.

I’m aware that this is little bit complex, but those objects are sending information to somebody. Somebody out there is listening to something what is going on, in our bodies…”  

During the last few years of Dr.Roger K. Leir’s life, he was a team leader of a capable group of doctors that were interested in the removal and study of the foreign objects discovered inside the human bodies thanks to X-rays, CT scans and MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging).

The team was in possession of 90.000 US dollar equipment, which according to Dr.Roger Leir was able to scan and detect if a person has some kind of implant in the body that sends or receives broadcast.

Below are some interesting conclusions of the team, generated from the study and research of various cases of surgical removal of the alien implants. By alien implants, it means objects that cannot be scientifically explained by conventional medicine that are sending and receiving broadcast. In more than 90% of the cases, the human subjects had absolutely no idea how those objects got inside their biological bodies in the first place. Neither there was evidence of any visible physical penetration on the surface of the body where the object was discovered. However, in one patient whose name is John Smith, there was evidence of physical penetration on the skin.

Certain number of the foreign implants on the x-ray appeared as solid unit but when the doctors were surgically removing it, it came out as multiple fragments. Most of those fragments were surrounded by very strange type of biological coding.

Some of the extracted fragments were put in specimen sealed container. 48 hours after the surgical specimen were placed into sealed container, they changed to darker color and the pieces appeared to re-assemble in original order.

The most fascinating removed objects were sent to Los Alamos National Laboratory Mexico Tech for analysis but since it is well known from where the super sophisticated laboratory is getting funding from, we can only question their results and official reports. It is logical that they will definitely not reveal anything extremely sensitive that can jeopardize the NSA Policies about anything that is related to the alien question.

Still surprisingly, Los Alamos National Laboratory Mexico Tech analysis of the removed unknown objects feedback was – we do not know what they are, the results shown that they are meteor like objects. What appears to be the case here is that someone out there is using meteoric iron mixed with some other rare elements to put together an object with specific function. A very complex form of Nano-technology.

The study showed that minor elements found in some of the samples are rare on Earth and never found in the human body. Such as: Ruthenium, iridium, palladium, rhodium, osmium, hafnium, yttrium, rhenium, niobium, cerium, neodymium, samarium, gadolinium, dysprosium, praseodymium, europium, rubidium, thorium, uranium. (The only isotope of uranium found in the sample was U238).

The objects extracted in some of the Dr. Leir surgeries scientifically have been investigated for some of the most prestigious laboratories of the world, including the national laboratories of the Poplars, New Mexico Tech, Laboratories Seal, Laboratories Southwest, the University of Toronto, the University of New York, and the University of California in San Diego.

Its finds have been disconcerting and some of them they have been compared with samples of meteorites. Certain tests also showed metallurgical anomalies such as highly magnetic iron without crystalline form, combinations of crystalline materials with common metals, growth of biological weaving inside or out of metallic substances, as well as relations isotopes that are not of this world.

The examination of some of the objects, particularly the Gauss Meter Reading, showed Magnetic field greater than 10 mGauss. Radiofrequency (RF) emissions from most of the objects were, discovered, confirmed and measured. For example one object before it was removed emitted RF radiation at 14.749650 MHz and also emitted RF in ELF and microwave bands. After removal, the broadcast stopped, like never existed.

In other words, the above means that the removed objects were definitely sending some type of encrypted signals to someone out there, for whatever purposes they were designed and implanted into the human subjects without their knowledge or approval.

The highly advanced technology capable of picking up those exact tiny signals from the human subjects, directly from space or high atmosphere and to transmit different signals back to the human subject, the knowledge to fuse the implants to human tissue on a molecular level without causing any infection, the meteoric and alien material the objects were designed from, and so much more evidence, clearly indicates that whoever is doing this, it’s not us.    

It takes us to unpleasant conclusion, that we are not at the top of the chain of evolution, and that as we implant the animals and sea creatures, for whatever purposes, someone out there is implanting us, for whatever purposes.

The findings of the fallowing two cases of alien implant removal by Dr.Roger Leir and his college Steve Colbern are quite impressive.


One of the interesting cases that Dr.Roger Leir encounter was the case of John Smith.

Today Mr. John Smith is in his 50’s, and is married with 3 children.  He has a strong technical background, and is currently a researcher in the Materials Science field. For the record, Mr. Smith has had a lifelong history of UFO sightings, and missing time experiences.

On the night of February 28, 2008, Mr. Smith was alone in his house.  Mr. Smith then went to bed, sometime after 11:00 PM and slept until approximately 8:00 AM the following morning. Upon awakening, Mr. Smith noticed a burning pain in the tip of his left, second toe, and a soreness on the right side of his head.  Inspection revealed two apparent puncture wounds on the underside of the end of the left, second, toe, and a scratch on its right side.  One of the puncture wounds in the toe was found to fluoresce green under ultraviolet (UV) illumination.  

Over the next four days, the pain in the toe increased, and felt like a strong electric shock, whenever any weight was placed on the end of the affected toe. The pain was at a maximum four days after the incident, and decreased slowly thereafter.

Mr. Smith then saw Dr. Roger Leir, who obtained X-rays of Mr. Smith’s left foot. A small (~3 mm) foreign object showed up on the X-rays, under the end of the distal phalanx bone of the left, second, toe (Figure 1).

The object resembled a bent piece of wire on the X-ray.  Dr.Leir commented that the object had approximately the same X-ray density as human bone.

A subsequent CAT scan of the left foot confirmed the presence of a foreign object in the same toe. Gaussmeter, and radio frequency analyzer (RF) tests were done on the object, on August 21, 2008, by Dr. Leir, at his Thousand Oaks office, while it was still in Mr. Smith’s body. 

These tests indicated that the object was emitting radio waves in the Gigahertz (1.2GHz), Megahertz (110MHz and 17 MHz), and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF, 8Hz) bands.

The object also generated a magnetic field of > 10 mGauss.

The object in Mr. Smith’s toe was removed surgically on September 6, 2008, by Dr.Roger Leir, and Dr.John Matriciano.  The object was apparently brittle, and broke into 12 pieces during removal.  The shape of the object was originally cylindrical, with a size (~4 mm X 1 mm dia.) and shape very similar to several objects that Dr. Leir had removed previously, from other patients (Figure 2).   

Figure 1-X-Ray Image of Mr. Smith’s Left, 2nd Toe-Showing Foreign Object

Figure 2-Implant Object Removed Intact-Similar to “John Smith” Object before removal

Pathology tests on the tissue surrounding the object showed no inflammation, or immunological reaction, by the subject’s body to the presence of the object. The pieces of the object turned black, then red, upon refrigerated storage in blood serum, taken from Mr. Smith. Within 12 hours of removal, the pieces of the object lined up in the original order, as if trying to re-assemble.

Mr. Smith stated that after the object was removed, there was a definite, but subtle change in his mood and thought processes, and that he felt more like his “old self”.

The low magnification views of the sample revealed that the sample had a somewhat rough, and irregular, surface.

Figures 3 and 4 – Sample in Blood Serum and in Air-10X Magnification

A reddish patina extended over a large percentage of the sample surface, which had a color resembling that of iron oxide. The patina also strongly resembled the corrosion product seen on the surfaces of iron meteorites, which have been exposed to the Earth’s atmosphere for some time.

A dark, shiny, surface was also observed on the surface of one side of the sample, which remained shiny even after the sample had completely dried. The sample was then placed under the high-power Olympus microscope, and images taken at 50X-400X magnification.

Under higher (50X-100X) magnification, inclusions of a light-colored material were evident on the dark, shiny side of the sample.

At 400X magnification, an opalescent sheen was revealed on the shiny material, which resembled that of mother-of-pearl. Areas of red patina were interspersed with the areas of shiny, opalescent material. The material that the outer layer of the sample was composed of was seen to be fairly rough, under 500X-2,000X magnification, with the largest surface irregularities on the order of a 5-20 microns (um) in height.

The darker, inner, bulk, material of the sample appeared somewhat smoother than the sample outer layer, with surface irregularities on the order of a few microns in height.

Some areas of the bulk material appeared quite smooth, with few surface features in evidence, other than cracks, and some light-colored areas.

Higher magnifications revealed that these light-colored areas resemble the material seen in the outer layer of the sample. Some of these inclusions of the lighter material had unusual, and complex, structures with sharp, horn-like, points, and long bone-like structures in evidence.


1. The sample consists mainly of iron, with a high carbon and oxygen content. The iron base material contains 5.2% nickel, and is highly magnetic. Traces of iridium, and other precious metals, tungsten, gallium, and germanium present strongly suggest that the metallic portion of the sample was derived from meteoric iron, and is extraterrestrial in origin.

2. The extreme differences in the isotopic ratios of the sample elements from the isotopic ratios of elements found on Earth provide strong confirmation that the material in the sample is of extraterrestrial origin.

3. The sample consists of two major phases; an iron/nickel (Fe/Ni) phase, and a nonmetallic phase resembling a hard biological substance, such as shell, tooth, or bone. The iridescence of the non-metallic phase, seen in light microscopy, suggests a layered microstructure, perhaps similar to mother-of-pearl, or opal.

4. The similarity of the composition of the non-metallic phase to biological material may be responsible for the lack of immune response to the object by the patient’s body.

5. This non-metallic phase is high in carbon, oxygen, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, sulfur, and phosphorus, and is present as an outer covering on the sample, and as inclusions in the metallic, Fe/Ni phase.

6. The non-metallic phase of the sample also contains bundles of carbon nanotubes, perhaps covered, or filled, with calcium and magnesium silicates, phosphates and sulfates.

7. The inclusions of the non-metallic phase have unusual shapes, which suggest artificiality, and functionality. This, along with the fact that the object was giving off radio signals, before removal, strongly indicates that this is a manufactured, nanotechnological device, which was inserted in patient Smith for a definite purpose.

>>> स्वर्गलोक


SAMPLE RN-1-2010

Another important alien object extraction in front of TV cameras took place in 2010.

The subject, Mr. Ron Noel from United States, believes that the object may have been inserted during a remembered alien contact experience in 1969, in which he was abducted along with two friends.

As the years were passing by, Mr. Noel totally disregarded the strange encounter and almost totally forgot about it. However, 35 years later, during a medical check-up, Ron was informed about a small metallic object in its left wrist.

Doctors were not able to find traces of any scar that indicated that this object had been established or product of an accident and various years later seeing a program of television on Implants with the Dr.Roger Leir, Noel considered it as a possibility.

Ron decided to be put in contact with the Dr.Leir to count him its case and this determined that the object should be monitored with teams of measurement. Subsequently, the Dr.Leir came to the conclusion that the case had all the necessary elements to be considered real, but they passed various years before the extraction could be carried out.

Finally, in April of 2010, thanks to a joint effort of Dr.Leir, the recognized investigator Jaime Maussan and a television network, the extraction was carried out at Thousand Oaks, very near the city of The Angels, California. The results were quite impressive to say the least.

The report was as follows:

Location of Object: Inner portion of right wrist.

Tests done with the object in the subject’s body: The object was located on a medical x-ray, on which it showed up easily.

The object was then scanned, using a studfinder, which gave a strong signal when over the object, indicating it was composed of metal, or other electrically conductive material. The object was then scanned with a Gaussmeter, which measured a magnetic field over the object of approximately 7 mGauss, indicating that the object was made of magnetic material, and emitting a magnetic field. The object was then scanned with a radio frequency detection instrument, which detected radio signals emitted at 137.72926 MHz and 516.812 GHz frequencies.

Appearance and Physical Characteristics of Sample

Type of Membrane around Object: Appeared to be composed of normal tissue; was not black, or difficult to cut through. Numerous vesicles, which appeared to be filled with yellowish oil were embedded in the membrane, however.

Type and Characteristics of main Object: Seed-shaped, ~3 mm X 2 mm X 1 mm; similar to at least two other objects that were also taken from the wrists of abductees.

Analytical Procedure: The object was removed surgically on April 24, 2009, by Dr.Roger Leir, imaged briefly under a dissecting microscope, and stored in a tube of the patient’s blood serum immediately thereafter, exposed to the field of a neodymium-iron-boron (NIB) magnet, to determine if it was ferromagnetic. The object was then stored in a refrigerator.

The sample was then subjected to light microscopy, at low magnification. The internal, X-ray dense object was dissected out of its surrounding tissue capsule, and observed under higher magnification. The sample was then given an initial test by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) elemental analysis. An attempt was then made to cut the object in half to get SEM images of the interior.

The object was extremely hard, had extremely high mechanical strength, and proved impossible to cut, even with diamond tools. It was then cut in half, using a high-power, pulsed, laser. The interior and exterior surfaces of the object were then scanned more extensively by SEM and EDX.

Half of the object was then analyzed by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), in order to quantitatively determine the concentrations of all elements in the sample. The tissue capsule surrounding the object was then dried in a vacuum dessicator and analyzed by Fourier Transform Infared Spectroscopy (FTIR) to determine the composition of the oil which was seen in the tissue.

Analysis Results

(Light Microscopy)

The object is shown in Figures 1 and 2, at 10X and 20X magnification, just after removal from Mr. Noel. The outer layer of the object was a capsule of tissue, resembling epithelial tissue, which clung tightly to the metallic core. Numerous small vesicles or what appeared to be a yellow liquid were evident in the tissue layer.

Small nerve fibers were seen connecting to the tissue surrounding the object in the initial dissecting microscope images. The tissue capsule was quite different from the grey, electrically conductive, membrane surrounding most of the other implants removed from patients by Dr.Leir, but a similar structure was observed previously in one other implant case. After careful dissection of the metallic core from the tissue capsule, the core was imaged at various magnifications. The core proved to be covered with a shiny, black coating, which appeared very similar to the coating on the implant removed from patient “John Smith” in removal case #15.

The coating on the sample showed many small, regular pits under high magnification. These pits appeared to go through the coating, to contact the metal underneath. The coating also had a uniform, bumpy texture, visible under high magnification, which appeared unusual.


1) The sample consists mainly of iron, with a high carbon and oxygen content (EDX data). The iron base material contains 0.17% manganese, with significant amounts of silicon, chromium, and nickel, and is highly magnetic. 

The nickel content is only about 1/100 of what was detected in the “John Smith” implant, from surgery #15.

2) The nickel content, along with the traces of gallium, and germanium present, strongly suggest that the metallic portion of the sample was manufactured, but contains some meteoric iron.

3) The device contains single – walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT), as was observed in the John Smith implant; the Raman carbon nanotube signal is, in fact, much higher than was observed in previous implants.  The carbon nanotubes appeared to be dispersed in the material much more thoroughly than was the case in the John Smith implant, and no discrete areas of SWCNT were seen.

4) The mechanical strength of the device was unprecedented, indicating that the manufacture of the material of which it is made is well beyond the technology of known science.

5) The function of the device cannot be determined with certainty from the available data, and the device may have had multiple functions and missions. It is likely, however, that two of its functions had to do with monitoring of the physiological state of Mr.Noel’s body, and mood/mind control. The possible mood/mind control aspect is highlighted by the extreme depression suffered by Mr.Noel for the first few weeks after the removal of the device.


Dr. Roger Leir worked with other doctors and scientists in order to find answers to complicated questions regarding alien implants. It is difficult to point the names of all those magnificent people that helped Dr. Roger Leir in his quest to prove that the alien abduction scenarios are real and the aliens interact with people implanting them with super-advanced micro devices, but probably the name Steve Colbern a chemist and material scientist and the experimental nuclear physicist Bob Koontz, would be a good start.

As mentioned, Steve Colbern is a chemist and material scientist with extensive experience in carbon nanotube technology, controlled atmosphere tube furnaces, and sol-gel chemistry. Steve is a graduate from UCLA. His goal is to use,” Interdisciplinary, out-of-the-box approaches to find breakthrough, novel solutions to scientific and industrial problems”. Synthesis and characterization of novel nanomaterials, particularly metal nanoparticle filled and coated single-walled CNT, Casimir Force effects on nanomaterials, efficient methods of carbon nanotube purification. Steve Colbern is currently working on carbon nanotube research, including CNT/metal matrix composites, carbon nanotube wafer materials, and novel carbon nanotube purification methods with unprecedented efficiency. 

As to the chemical make-up of the alien implants, Colbern claims they are composed of meteoric iron not found in our solar system because the isotopic ratios are skewed compared to those found on earth or in our own solar neighborhood. When asked, Colbern said it would not be possible for us to duplicate this material without major problems.

Colbern states that these implants are sophisticated nano-technological devices with carbon nano-tube electronics built right in. Carbon nano-tubes are very tiny cylinders of carbon similar to graphite and are the world’s strongest known material with advanced conductive properties. While we do have carbon nano-tube technology and are currently using it in some applications, Colbern says our research is in its infancy and clearly not sophisticated enough to produce these types of devices.

Colbern’s conclusion was that the extremely sophisticated nano-technological devices are probably for gathering and transmission of information.  They measure syntax sensory information from the subjects.

In other words, they seem to transmit sensory information – what the subject is seeing and hearing, what the subject is feeling or experiencing, physiological information, etc.”

Which takes us to a very uncomfortable possibility, the objects that are implanted into people could be allowing the controllers of this implanted entity to see what they are seeing, and hear what they do. Even more, they could be used for mind control.

Colbern also states that the implants have a sophisticated biological coating that allows our nerve cells to grow into the devices after they’re implanted – something that is beyond our technology. It is his conclusion that these devices seem to be at least a minimum of 100 years beyond anything we can do at this point.

From past observations, it has been noted that many of these objects have an intricate network carbon nano-tubes inside of the metal and the devices have been known to give off radio signals too. Still, not all objects give off a signal, they may not be operating for the time being and it is still unknown to humans if the owner of these implants is responsible for switching such sophisticated technology on and off, inside the body.

To put it lightly, Steve Colbern and his colleague Dr. Roger Leir’s (while still alive) work day was nothing but average. Their day consisted of dealing with patients who claimed to have been abducted by UFOs or some alien entity. Even though an individual’s story may be hard to believe, there is no denying the factual evidence that stays under their skins, for years perhaps even decades.

In the early detection stages, Coldbern and Dr. Leir were using stud finder, a small metal detector to detect for metallic objects in the skin, which worked just fine. They discovered many objects like that, and after detection the subject was sent to take an x-ray for full confirmation. It turned out that about 15-20% of the people who came in contact with and claimed that had experience alien abduction scenario, really had a physical object in their bodies.

While working on the case of Mr. Ron Noel with Dr. Roger Leir, Colbern concluded about the properties of the removed foreign object, that was extremely hard, even diamond tools would not cut it.  Which by itself was quite astonishing.

Besides the solidity of the Noel’s object, it produced no type of inflammation, which never happens in ordinary cases when a foreign object is present in the body.

Whenever a foreign object is in the body, it produces some degree of inflammation, however all of the unidentifiable objects found in patients who claim to have been abducted have no indication of inflammation.

If the foreign objects of unknown origin aren’t enough, there are different shades of dye which are left behind on the abducted ones. Colbern has been investigating the dye that is cobalt blue in color and stays on the skin of an abductee for about one month. “It’s a marker dye and can only be seen under ultra violet ray lighting and it’s almost impossible to wash off,” the scientist explained.

Though the clues left behind over how objects were placed in a person’s body and why an unknown dye, invisible to the naked eye, gets splashed all over the victim of the incident are remarkable –there are gaps which leave the findings hard to accept at times.

In one case Dr. Roger Leir and Colbern went to one of the abductees home to investigate the bedroom due to apparent recollection of events taken place during the alien abduction.

The lights were deemed in the abductee bedroom and 3 different frequencies were used,  and on ultraviolet light the investigators found two small, childlike hand prints on the wall, which were phosphorescing and they had only four fingers. This finding was in alignment with what the abductee shared that he is experiencing.

Note: Compounds emitting fluorescence are called fluourophores or fluorochromes. When a fluorophore absorbs light, energy is taken up for the excitation of electrons to higher energy states. The process of absorption is rapid and is immediately followed by a return to lower energy states, which is accompanied by an emission of light, observed as fluorescence. Absorption and emission of light of various fluorophores may take place at different regions of the light spectrum.

It is also worth to mention that the past research has shown that many abductees are exposed to a good amount of radiation which has either made them highly resistant or susceptible to chemicals and radiation. “It would be nice for people to take this seriously because it’s one of the biggest stories of the 21st century that we’re not alone in the universe and we’re being visited,” Colbern explained and then added “There are so many lines of evidence.” Though there are loads more tests to conduct and data to dig into—the information discovered although unknown is astounding.

The carbon nano-tubes can be used to store information. They can be made into electronic networks that can store huge amounts of information. Single wall nano-tubes are metallic and semiconducting. In other words those nano-tubes inside the alien implants are tightly stacked. If taken off, one by one or layer by layer, they could be miles long. 

Some of the implants contain common metals but with unusual isotopic ratios. Carbon nano-tube structures and atypical nano-crystals are common. The inner metallic core is surrounded by a membrane, and nerve cells grow into the membrane to connect the devices to the subject’s nervous system. The implants don’t prompt a response from a person’s immune system and are, therefore, impervious to the body’s natural tendency to reject a foreign object.

Colbern was very impressed how the metal was wrapped around the nano-tube. In one of his talks he described that if you put a molten metal on the carbon nano-tubes, it will totally destroy them.

Today humans can make carbon nano-tubes but to make 3D intricate composite nano-tube like in the case of the removed objects, would require nano-technology and extremely small size of a metal, which is beyond the technology we have today.

He also stated that some people could argue about the origin of these objects, thinking that the government black projects are behind this, but the extraterrestrial materials inside strongly points to the conclusion that that is not the case.  It is difficult to determine how much back-engineered alien technology is available or functional in the government black projects, but they are definitely aware of these devices and definitely aware of the fact that we are not alone.

Perhaps one of the most important message of those two magnificent people to the world was that we are not alone and that these objects have special properties and to emit radio signals from within the patient and they appear to transmit on satellite and aeronautical communication frequencies. That fact by itself is extremely important for the entire human race, and they think that we need to figure out what is really going on as soon possible. One of the possible obstacles they were concerned about, was the US Government Black Projects extreme effort to keep all collected knowledge, all the data, all of the back-engineered technology for themselves and out of reach for the public domain.

Their control of leading world media, such as the worldwide seen TV channels like the Discovery, History and National Geographic Channel, was often visible, along with their numerous efforts to debunk the findings and to force the public to believe that the UFOs and the alien abductions are not real. As Dr. Roger Leir, once stated: “Well, the extracted alien implants and their properties examined in the top laboratories in the world is enough proof that that is not the case. We are not alone, and the alien abduction scenarios reported by so many people around the world is totally real”.  

It is also very important to be mentioned that during the combined research of Dr. Roger Leir and Steve Colbern as Chemist/ Material scientist, the PhD experimental nuclear physicist Bob Koontz, also investigated these implanted objects, using his own methods of testing and highly sophisticated lab equipment and concluded that they are remote extraterrestrial listening devices. 

Koontz also confirmed that the objects are composed of iron, cobalt, nickel, and traces of iridium, and emit radio waves. Iridium is usually only found in meteorites, and ordinary iron does not emit electromagnetic radiation, he added. Even more interesting, Koontz claims these implants can reassemble on their own when broken apart. Based on isotope ratios, Koontz estimated a device taken from one patient to have come from a part of the galaxy approximately 90 million years more evolved than our solar system.

He as many others, came to a conclusion that certain shadow organizations of the Government, are completely aware of the alien presence and their interaction with humans. As many others, Bob Koontz, also wonders about the level of functionality the Shadow Government has developed a satellite system  is able to track the mentioned tiny microwave radiation and space frequencies emitted by the implanted objects of the abductees.

Since in the modern times, this is a worldwide spread phenomena, in the last decade some people have come up with simple ways how to detect eventual alien implant. For the record, those methods are not fully confirmed that work every time, at the end of the day, every true abductee is a case for himself/herself, but still it is a possibility. Out of desperation, people tried different tests, since the mainstream science and medicine were not able to help their condition.

In case some of you are in need of this, here are 3 simple ways that could help detect if you have an actual alien implant in the body.

The first way of alien implant detection is by using some cordless phone. For example, you can use Oricom P80BK 1.8 GHz Digital. First get a dial tone then place the microphone over the implant site lightly touching the skin. If you notice a strange noise there is possibility that you have implant in that place.

The second way is to make a metal detector and place this metal detector over the implant site when you notice strange noise, then you possibly have an implant in this place. In order to build one, without spending too much money and only by using generic home stuff, you can use the fallowing – AM or AM/FM radio, Calculator, standard CD case and Velcro.

The third way is by getting a strong magnet. You can get a relatively strong magnet from a computer hard drive, simply fallow the steps on the fallowing picture. Remove the magnets from the “keepers” by gripping each end of the mount with pliers and bending down. They will loosen and can easily be removed. Run the magnet over your body and explore for any possible implant. If there is sensation of your skin pulling tightly, there is a possibility that you have been implanted without your knowledge.

As far as I know, other people are using radio receivers, particularly HF radio since they believe that emitting frequencies are often in the range of 14 MHz, so they intend to record and listen to the radio emissions in this frequency range.

There is also a Frequency Counter produced by MFJ that can be used for this purpose. Another useful equipment that can possibly detect the alien implant is a “Spectrum Analyzers” which are part of a communication laboratory equipment, designed to analyze the frequency wavelengths and center tune frequency.

Either way, whatever testing methods you have used, if you think they had indicated that there is some foreign object in your biological body, that shouldn’t be there, perhaps the next step would be to see a doctor, arrange x-ray image, CT scan or MRI for confirmation and further medical investigation if needed. Still having said that, be aware that one CT scan is equal to more than 500 x-rays. It is a lot of radiation to take for nothing if you are not completely sure that you have a foreign object in your body that receives and sends signals to someone out there.

For those of you who like precise figures, a CT scan with a dose of say 10 mSv is equivalent to 500 chest X rays assuming a dose of 0.02 mSv per chest X ray (0.02 x 500 = 10). Perfusion CT, some CT-guided interventional procedures and some specialized procedures requiring several successive CTs can deliver even higher doses than 20 mSv.

The point I’m trying to make, no one can judge the situation of an abductee, sometimes a life of an abductee can be really difficult and desperate, since it seems that no one around can understand his or her condition. Some abductees are reporting strange headaches and other pain in their bodies, even uncontrollable behavior. As mentioned there are implants on places that can be more or less easily removed or on a places that could be extremely dangerous for the surgeons to attempt the removal.

Anyway, in case the testing showed positive, x-ray, CT scan or MRI confirmed the existence of unexplained foreign object in some part of your body, it would be advisable, to search online for doctors who have right medical expertise and deals with removal of these objects. 

From what is known, after Dr. Leir’s passed away, Steve Colbern who also was among the leading experts in the field, is no longer affiliated with A & S Research and removal of foreign objects from human bodies. At least that is stated on their website

(Unfortunately the website no longer exist)

It is difficult to determine if someone in the public arena continued their work, but perhaps if needed, an abductee can seek help in that direction through MUFON. 

It is also important that not all objects can be detected on the x-ray image, but they are definitely visible on a CT scan or MRI.

The fallowing pictures are CT scans from abductee who has an implant that cannot be removed. For his own reasons, he wanted to stay anonymous, but he shared his story and pictures of his CT scans taken over the years, online. His full name and date of birth are removed from the CT images to keep his medical record private and to avoid any misuse or complications that can appear because of his testimony. The scary part was, he said, that the doctor said to him that they see quite a few of these in CT scans and even in the same spot, that they call it normal.

He believed that he got the implant about one week prior to 1999/2000 New Year’s Eve during quite intensive “alien abduction dream”. He recalls that when he woke up the next morning he could see a fully healed scare on his forehead. The abductee explained that he did a CT scan back in 1996 and there was no object in his brain, which means it wasn’t there then, but in the CT scan done in 2003 it appeared in the pictures. It really didn’t bother him much until 2005 when he recalls having bad headaches and went to his doctor to investigate. His doctor recommended another CT scan and that scan again showed the same object. In other words, both pictures the one in 2003 and the one in 2005 showed the object on the same spot, but the one taken prior in 1996 is totally clean.  

After consulting with other colleagues, his doctor confirmed that the CT scan shows a solid foreign object. It definitely wasn’t a tumor or some other type of brain disease and the doctor had absolutely no explanation how the object got there in the first place.

The found object was in the exact center between the frontal brain lobes and was not causing any harm to the brain, but it was interesting that it was on the exact spot where the nerve ending is and where the blood vessel is. Obviously whoever put the object there, knew exactly what they were doing and where to put it.

The abductee went to see a person with a metal detector and the metal detector went off whenever it gets close to areas where the implant is. The interesting part, he said that the object is not appearing on the x-rays but only on the CT scans of his brain.

The size of the alien implant was measured during the CT scan done in 2005 to be 6mm in length and 3mm in diameter, but the abductee believes, and the images suggest that he could be right, that the object is a little bigger than that, probably about 1cm in length and 5mm in diameter. 

Anyway, the abductee is not willing to risk the removal of the object, due to a possible brain damage during the removal process. The objects remains in his brain till the present day, he still is getting headaches from time to time, when he feels that the next abduction is scheduled…


It is difficult to determine when exactly Shadow Government came up the idea to build special Transformers to pick up the signals emitted from the implants of the abductees and contactees. Could be sometime in 1970s, could be even prior. I believe that the main purpose of those transformers was and still is, to amplify the signals emitted by the implants and to send those amplified signals either directly to NSA and to specially designed satellites in orbit in order to integrate and process the data, so the “elite” people in those shadow government projects will have a full insight of the location, bios and history of every abductee or contactee in the world. Certain NSA projects are directly linked and designed for this purpose.

Through the mentioned advanced satellite system, those shadow people can easily watch on their screens when some signal is gone. When a signal goes missing, that means that the human subject is either taken by the extraterrestrials either the alien implant has been removed. 

Put from another angle, this gives those people ability to track any implant, anytime, anywhere on Earth. They can monitor the extraterrestrial interest towards certain humans, by how many times or how often a human subject is taken for test, genetic material extraction, alien/human crossbreeding etc. It is quite logical to assume that this data can provide those people a clear pattern of how many people are abducted on a regular basis, the assumed or confirmed reason for the abductions and that data is extremely important clue in the effort of understanding what different groups of extraterrestrials want and why they are abducting human individuals.   

In other words, all above is possible only because the devices/implants that are put in the human beings are emitting encrypted signals which are picked up and processed by a vast and very advanced extraterrestrial tracking system. This advanced extraterrestrial tracking system uses very sophisticated technology that can pick up these for us weak signals, but for their technology easily detectable ones, and provide the required information adjusted and filtered to their needs and sends all this gathered data to one or more receivers. The information could be sent to a single small or large flying craft in the sky or to a huge cloaked mothership in orbit, or even to one of their bases on the Moon and even further. 

In a sense, it would be quite logical to assume that they are using system or systems similar to our Internet, which are all linked to all extraterrestrial USOs or UFOs, no matter if they are underground in the Inner Earth, moving through water in deep ocean, hovering in the sky, low or high Earth’s orbit or the extraterrestrial craft is somewhere else in the solar system, close to the Sun, Mars, Saturn etc.

As far as I was able to understand, the extraterrestrial bases in deep sea and deep underground are linked to this system which enables them to easily get the information about a particular abductee, perhaps even all abductees on the planet. As mentioned before, since there are many groups of extraterrestrials, there is a possibility that each of those groups, could be using different types of implants made of high variety of meteoric materials, specially designed to transmit and receive intelligent signals using unique frequency range designed for only particular group of extraterrestrials.

In a sense, it all depends of type of the device and which group did the implantation. Since the implants are often so advanced that appear almost organic at this stage is quite difficult to determine which implant belongs to which extraterrestrial group, but the Shadow Government, I’m sure has a much better understanding in this direction than us.

The nano-electronic is perfectly fused to the brain tissue. It can detect the firing of the neurons, can read the intensity and content of a thought inside the consciousness and transmit all that input to the cosmos. 

Still, the implants are far more just complex that just tracking devices. In some cases, the implants provide telepathic connection, so in a sense the extraterrestrials are putting objects in human heads or other parts of the body, to give them electronic versions of what they have biologically. 

The spectrographic analysis of the brain of certain human subjects that have been taken by the ETs had shown some weird trace compounds. In other words the brain tissue does a double duty. The spirals of neurons acting as antennae that broadcast in certain frequencies.  The implant broadcast on a spread spectrum. The frequencies are all based on a hydrogen hyperfine transition line – the most fundamental wavelength of the Universe.

Physical implants break down into two categories: inert implants and biological implants. An inert or purely physical implant is a piece of metal, crystal, silicon chip or other substance which is inserted into the body. These are designed to transmit right into the subject’s nervous system.

When a subject for biological implanting is picked up by the extraterrestrials, a sample of the cell structure is taken. The abductors then do some genetic engineering on the DNA and cell structure, culture it and grow a transceiver out of the biological matter.

In other words, the biological material is configured by the extraterrestrials to manufacture a radio transceiver. Where a normal transceiver designed by humans would have wires, a biological version uses bionic cell structures that replicate the wire and other circuitry.

It is quite logical that Shadow Government once when managed to identify the specific broadcasting frequencies, refocused towards a different objective – to find a way to block those frequencies so the implant does not register or cannot be picked up by the extraterrestrial tracking system.

Nevertheless, I cannot avoid to mention that some reports have indicated that small number of contactees does not have an implant and they are able to receive and transmit telepathic messages without any technological devices in their heads, but till the present day, this is very rare. Those people are probably a result of centuries of careful alien human cross breeding or simply put, they contain high percentage of alien genes.

In general, human genes are approximately 98% similar to chimpanzees, 85% with dogs, 75% with mice and 113 of our genes come from bacteria, but it is also quite interesting to add that out of 25,000 genes that human being has there are 250 unique genes that are not found in any “lowest species”. The mainstream science does not provide any evolutionary bases for these genes.

Many alien species are so advanced that they can walk just in front of us and we cannot see them. They are very rarely visible on a video or photos taken by normal light camera and most of the video and photo evidence comes from the infrared/ultraviolet and night vision cameras.

We also need to take in consideration that sometimes, depends which race is involved and what the agenda is, they want to be seen or they want their presence or visit to be known for some reason. Below is an evening photo of a woman, taken in 1989 in Auckland, New Zealand. Nothing was visible during the person was taking the photos, but after they check the photos later that night, something very strange appeared on of them.

Another interesting case, while we are on the subject, came from the Australian citizen from Melbourne by the name Mark Mac Philbin. The whole incident actually did not occurred in Australia but in the Nauru Island – North of the Solomon Islands back in 2010.

Officially, The Nauru Regional Processing Centre is one of many offshore Australian immigration detention facilities, located on the South Pacific island nation of Nauru. Today, the detention facility there is surrounded by controversy, since there were many reports of abuse and violation of human rights. It is getting even more interesting, when someone starts to investigate more about this remote island, strange loud sounds coming from under the mining area of the island, UFO sightings, alien abductions and missing time reported by the locals etc., and it rises some serious questions what is really going on here.

Anyway, Mark’s report who was at the age 42 when it happened, was published in the Spooky Stories back in 2010.


“…After five years in the Defense Force I began working in security in Nauru, an island north of the Solomon Islands, looking after asylum seekers. I was soon “adopted” by a genial man called Gonzaga, who I called Papa, and I also found a gorgeous partner, Cyrene, 20. One nights I had dinner at Papa’s house and left to walk home. I awoke to hear Cyrene frantically calling my name.

I sat up, dazed, to find myself in a fishing boat moored at the shore – and it was a morning!

What are doing in there? Cyrene cried.

“People have been looking for you all night! “

“I’ve got no idea, I said, climbing out.

“Strange things happen around here at night, “my mate Gary said. “You don’t want to wander off like that.”

 I was puzzled. What had happened to me after I left Papa’s?

I had no recollection at all, and I hadn’t been drinking.

I had left the island a few months later with fond memories and photos. I also brought Cyrene back and we got married. One day, looking at my old photos, I spotted one of Gary and me, taken soon after I went missing. He was planting a kiss on my head – but that wasn’t what caught my eye. A smoky presence filled the left side of the photos. It looked just like an alien!

I’d heard tales of people going missing after being kidnapped by aliens. Could that be what happened to me that night? And was the alien still following me?”

I’ll never know; and I’m not going back to find out!”

The above case is not an isolate one. Little is known but the tiny Island in the middle of the pacific by the name Nauru is the UFO hotspot. During 2015, there were sightings of flying objects almost every week ascending from the interior of the island where there used to be extensive phosphate mining operations a number of years back.

Officially, the island’s phosphate deposits were virtually exhausted by 2000 although some small-scale mining is still in progress.

Some of the locals confirmed that the UFO sightings started soon after the mining operations stopped and have been going on ever since. This is one of the most isolated places in the world. It’s a tiny island in the middle of nowhere with only a few thousand people on it. It is speculated that the aliens are using the abandoned interior of the island as an earth base and that the miners had penetrated its surface. Since the whole island is on heavy security, it is quite hard to determine what actually is happening there.

Worldwide, more than 85 percent of the phosphate rock mined is used to manufacture phosphate fertilizers. The remaining 15 percent is used to make elemental phosphorus and animal feed supplements, or is applied directly to soils. Elemental phosphorus is used to manufacture a wide range of chemical compounds.

Phosphorus is a chemical element with symbol P and atomic number 15. It is a substance that displays the property of luminescence. As an element, phosphorus exists in two major forms—white phosphorus and red phosphorus—but because it is highly reactive, phosphorus is never found as a free element on Earth. Different phosphors have different emission characteristics and thus when combined with the blue light and each other, a high quality light spectrum is produced.

In other words, a phosphor is a substance that radiates visible light after being energized. All glow-in-the-dark products contain phosphors. Could it be that the aliens, are also extracting the phosphorus from the phosphate rocks in their own ways for their own needs?

More than 60 years of study and research about cattle mutilation cases showed that a certain number of livestock that was mutilated had strange markings on their bodies that glowed in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet light, which obviously alien abductors could easily detect from above. The substance on the animal’s body among few other elements in a form of powder, showed dominant elements of Potassium and Magnesium, but it also contained Phosphorus.

Even more, some of the mutilated cattle subjects didn’t contained only a small amount of Phosphorus, but more than four times the normal level. Still it gets even more bizarre, since in some cases of alien abductions, strange glow-in-the-dark marks were discovered but there was no trace of Phosphorus. The next case of an Italian woman who is in her forties and an alien abductee is a very interesting one. It provides some interesting conclusions…


An Italian woman, Giovanna Podda, came forward in 2010 with one of the most bizarre alien abduction testimonies ever. The evidence that she put forward build a strong case and attracted huge international interest. Till the present day, her abduction case remains a mystery and no debunking attempt was ever successful simple because the evidence was overwhelming.    

Her testimony and provided evidence truly shocked the whole Europe, especially Italy. In a nutshell, this is the story.

In the “Mistery” series from Italian TV channel 1 Media Set on July 2010, an impressive story from Italian woman from Cerdenya region, was presented. The story was not only about alien contact but also about repeated abduction experiences.  According to Giovanna she had her first alien abduction experience when she was 4 years old. That is when he got the first implant from the extraterrestrials.

At the time of the interview she was 41, today she is 47 years old and the experiences are still ongoing. Anyway, for the first time she decided to speak in front of cameras about her experiencing during the mentioned interview, and what she had to say was quite extraordinary to say the least.

Giovanna claimed that in the past that was not the case but lately she started to remember more and more about the alien visitations, telepathic conversations and the time she spend on their flying crafts.   

“…I remember that it was a flying saucer that was hovering. It was of a metallic color. I don’t remember how I entered inside but I do remember that I saw myself floating. I was clearly able to see 4 non-human creatures around me and that I was able to hear their thoughts in my head. They were telling me telepathically not to move, that nothing is going to happen to me and they will not hurt me. I remember seeing myself without any binding.  They explained to me that they are mainly researching my biological material, tissue, blood etc.”

All above would look like a classic story of alien abduction, difficult to determine was it truth and what is not, if it wasn’t the evidence of these nocturnal visits and interaction that these alien beings left behind.  The phosphorescence that emanated from her body and the marks were of huge interest to the doctors and the researchers.

The phosphorescence was coming from a substance that was all over her skin on many parts of Giovanna’s body. She said that the aliens explained to her that they have to put that substance to control and manipulate her body, to produce something similar to Anaesthesia effect, and also to protect her from getting infected from them and vice versa. 

Giovanna stated that despite the substance, which had multi-purpose, the aliens were also using some sort of light beam to make her unable to move or feel pain. In parallel, it is worth to mention, that this is a repeating pattern also present in the cattle mutilation scenarios.

Samples of the strange powder were not only found on Giovanna’s body but they were also found and collected from her residence and lawn, but mostly from the walls of her room,  bed and her clothes.

When the substance was analyzed in one of the laboratories at the Institute in Bologna, Italy, and it turned out that it is not natural and highly magnetic. It was a kind of silicic substance with a mica base. It didn’t contained any nitrate or phosphor that could give it its phosphorescence in a natural way, but it was found that the electrons of this substance are excited like their structure was artificially modified to give a big magnetic field.

The technical stuff in the Italian Lab concluded that this effect can be compared with when you put a phosphor on a very advanced particle accelerator, but there is no way that Giovanna could produce this at home.  

When she asked the aliens why they are doing this to her, their response was that the human race is biologically and genetically a compatible race and that they are creating a hybrid race. Giovanna also remembers that she was told that their race is doomed to extinction unless we help them.

How true was the statement given to her, it is difficult to conclude, taking in consideration that there are so many alien races out there, with different agendas towards the humans. It could be truth, it could be that the aliens gave her something that will calm her down psychologically, to be able to cope with what she is experiencing. At the end of the day, it is obvious that they didn’t asked for permission from her to do what they are going to do to her. And they did it more than once, and that in my personal opinion, it is not a way of a highly evolved spiritual race, it is not a moral way, it points more towards an abuse of a lower evolved sentient being and just for that alone, it has to be approached with caution.

Anyway, Giovanna was aware that more than one alien race are using her to perform hybridization experiments and there was nothing that she could do. No one to ask for help, to stop what is happening, so she decided to share with the public, in order if she can find other people like her and hopefully get some more answers of what is truly happening.

For the things to get even more bizarre, Giovanna claimed that during her entire life a group of extraterrestrials performed artificial insemination on her 18 times and each time deliberately aborted the alien-hybrid fetus that resulted, but the last time that it happened in 2010 was different. She said that the last alien artificial insemination she received was from another alien race, a more reptilian in nature, who told her they were enemies of the ones she is regularly getting the visitation.

When she went to be examined, the doctor concluded something strange. The cardiac rhythm was there and it was a similar to a heart of a baby, but the baby exact shape and form was not clearly visible. Giovanna decided that she does not want to keep the baby, or whatever is inside and she arranged abortion. The whole process was recorded on cameras from beginning to finish.

The abortion had complications, it took a while, but once it was over, what came out of Giovanna’s womb scarred everyone. The baby was not a pure human baby but a hybrid between human and some alien race.    

The doctors concluded that the kind of placenta were the hybrid was born, was quite unusual and different comparing to a normal placenta during a normal human birth. The hybrid had some human features, 2 high extremities and 2 low extremities, torso, digestive organs, but the face looked more similar to the reptilian race that abducted her the last time.

Giovanna was scared, started crying and obviously in shock. All of this was too much for her. That is why we need to find answers to what is really happening here on this planet and how to free ourselves of this kind of scenarios.  Most of people are still asleep think that Giovanna’s case is an isolated one, that I happening very rarely to only unfortunate persons. After all the years of research, not to include that I’m contactee myself, I can conclude that nothing can be far from the truth. This is not an isolate case, it is actually happening quite often, to many human females, it’s just the memory of the events and incidents are taken away. Tomorrow there will be no human left that will be immune or protected from such activities, which is by itself a good reason for a tremendous effort that we all need to make to find out what is really going on here and what is the way out of this controlled matrix.

Giovanna sadly confirmed that each time she had pregnancies, they would come and take the fetus during the second month.

Most of the times, they would remove the fetus by coming down from their hovering alien UFO spacecraft and taking her onboard, after making her unconscious by shooting a ray at her. Sometimes they would come directly into her bedroom to perform procedures and operations on her.

She said that on few occasions when she returned home after being away for hours, her father would be very upset with her because he thought she had stayed out with her friends.

Giovanna recalls that over several years, she was taken repeatedly onboard alien UFOs. And during the period she learned a lot about the aliens who communicated with her telepathically.

The group of aliens that were taking her, told her that they were from a very distant star system. Giovanna mentioned that they also revealed to her that they had established few bases on the Moon, but that they also have several underground bases here on Earth, where they conduct their bio-genetic hybridization program. Sometimes the abducted human females are taken in those bases.

Giovanna claimed she used her cell phone camera to snap many photos and videos of the aliens. Some of the aliens were Gray alien-looking, and others appeared to be Reptilians.

As a proof that she was telling the truth she gave all her videos and pictures to be analyzed by the experts. The results came positive. The images were genuine and not altered in any way.

Human doctors reportedly examined her and found that she had a strange implant in the center of her brain. The doctors were baffled because they were unable to explain how the metallic capsule was placed inside her brain due to absence of visible scars on her head and skull.

Like in many other cases, the implant was put in the exact place where did not poses any visible threat to the brain itself.  The object on the images clearly resemble many of the objects studied and removed by Dr. Leir and his team.

Giovanna explained to the doctors that the aliens pushed the metal implant into her brain through her nose using a strange instrument. She also showed interviewers a photo taken by a friend, soon after the surgery to implant the capsule in her brain. The photo showed her with strange marks and a mysterious fluorescent substance on her body.

She said that during several abductions when the aliens performed surgical procedures, they left visible marks on her body. Giovanna clearly remembers that they also spread a strange fluorescent powder on her body. After asking why they are doing that, the alien surgeons told her that they used the fluorescent substance as a disinfectant to prevent her from getting infections from them. The substance also protected the aliens from getting infections from her.

Giovanna learned from the aliens that they were researching to developing a new alien-human hybrid race. The hybrid race would be dominantly alien in genetic composition, but just enough expression of human genes to make then adapted to life on Earth.

She also hinted during an interview that the human race could be in danger because once the aliens have developed a viable alien-human hybrid race, they would proceed to exterminate the human race and repopulate Earth with their new alien-human hybrid species.

The aliens also used human subjects and their immune system to develop vaccines and antibodies. They injected humans with viruses that were lethal to them but harmless to humans, and then returned to collect blood and tissues used to cure alien viral infections.

Giovanni released a statement after she came forward with her weird testimony.

“I had to tell my story in order to help others that like me live certain experience in silence and in fear.”

“Her abductors are a race that unlike us have no feelings,” she said. “This explains this cynicism of their actions. They can feel neither love nor hate and when they impregnate me they do it artificially and not sexually. Even if they are technologically advanced the sole fact that we are human beings makes us superior to them.

Giovanna’s story generated a lot of public interest and sparked furious debate on many online forums that are related to the subject of aliens. Her story also encouraged others who had gone through similar alien abduction experiences to come forward after suffering in silence for many years due to fear of ridicule.

Today, Giovanna continues with her efforts to spread the word around what is happening to her. She gives talks, and she is not afraid anymore when she found out that are so many other people out there facing similar experiences.

Anyway, regarding the above, we should all ask the few logical questions.

“When an abductee becomes pregnant, what prevents her from aborting the fetus?”

Or what prevents her from visiting a gynecologist to detect an extrauterine gestational unit and have it removed?

It is becoming clear that the aliens prevent these actions by removing the critical “evidence” before the abductee can act. On many occasions, abductees have reported scheduling an abortion only to find an empty uterus during the actual procedure. By the time the abducted undergoes the procedure, the aliens have already removed the fetus.

Logically, through the implant, the aliens must be monitoring the abductee’s thoughts and feelings to protect the pregnancy. But they also monitor and record everything a person thinks twenty-four hours a day, which means the moment the mother finds out what is happening and or simply decides not to keep the fetus, they are becoming aware of instantly. What is clear is that the aliens will go to any extreme to protect a pregnancy. If an abductee has any thought of abortion, they intervene.

As mentioned before, alien implants have been placed in abductees’ legs, arms, and necks and more or less they are accessible and can be taken out surgically. The problem appears when they are on places where they cannot be surgically removed without the risk of damaging the tissue, some vital organ or the brain.

In high number of abductees the implants are high up in the nasal passage, possibly as deep as the optic nerve or the pituitary gland, in the ear, or in a sinus cavity. Abductees with implants in their heads suffer from lifelong nasal problems, bloody noses, sinus congestion, diminished hearing, tinnitus, and ear bleeding.

As far I was able to understand, when the alien implant is put near the pineal gland, it is to transmit the thoughts, feelings and intentions of the abductee, but also to receive telepathic instructions as well. The telepathic instructions could be in form of projected holographic visuals, so one needs to be very careful to distinguish what real remote viewing or out of body experience is and what is an induced one.

Sometimes there is combination of two or even more implants, usually once close to the pineal gland, one at the bottom of the spine. This is used to produce sleeping paralysis during the night time, rising of the Kundalini Energy along the spinal cord, catapulting the astral body of the abductee out of the physical and either teleport or preform examinations, tests or surgical procedures onsite…

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