About the Author

Pane Andov is an Australian citizen born in Skopje, Macedonia in 1973.

In 1980, during a walk with his older brother Milance Andov, his life took an unusual turn after experiencing a Close Encounter of the Fourth kind.

They were both mesmerised by the sight of an approaching alien flying craft emanating strong yellow, orange and red pulsating light. After getting within a distance of less than fifty meters, the object released a very powerful flash of bright light. In a few seconds they both realized that somehow they have been teleported inside the alien craft.

The author was not hurt in any way by the alien beings, but they did run some tests, and when the tests came back satisfactory, they incited a procedure that increased his brain capacity. In some strange way, Andov felt that they were rewiring his brain; putting in some kind of connection so they will know where he is at all times and in case of an emergency they would be able to protect him from the “Others”. Most important, Andov was told that they have altered his DNA functionality so he could experience and understand certain things. 

Both the author and his brother were missing for about two hours. After they were returned home, Andov started manifesting telepathic abilities and having spontaneous out of body experiences. Not long after, an unpleasant incident occurred with his mother, Jozefina Andova, which resulted with little Andov being forced to stop using those abilities.

The entire Close Encounter of the Fourth kind is published in Volume 3 of the “Awakening” series.

In 1988, inspired by his uncle Rudek Mozar, he became interested in all kinds of paranormal phenomena, Ancient civilizations, Transcendental Meditation, Astral projection, Tai Chi, Kriya Yoga and Esoteric Buddhism.

Of all, Andov was most fascinated by Astral projection. He remembered everything that happened to him in 1980 and that he had already experienced a few short spontaneous out of body experiences, but he couldn’t tell anyone about it. For his mother, this was a sensitive subject, so the author tried to avoid talking about the 1980 UFO event, as much as possible.

Another reason why he kept quiet was also because in 1980s, UFOs and aliens were still a taboo in the Balkan region. Anyone who talked about this subject or claimed that they had been contacted or abducted by aliens, would soon end up without friends or worse.

Feeling an unexplained hunger for knowledge, young Andov started reading all of the books and magazines that he could get his hands on that covered the topics of his interest.

Around 1989, Andov felt that he had enough theoretical input, and he started pushing the training very hard. Thus, among other daily training whose purpose was mostly for development of chi energy and achieving extrasensory perception, Andov also started practicing a combination of Nidra and Kriya Yoga.

He used to either sit in the lotus position for hours or simply lay flat in a “Shavasana” position, entering a deep Trance and constantly attempting to depart his body by his own will.

It was 21 April 1990 when he finally achieved his first self-induced out of body experience. That breakthrough, gave him the additional motivation to start pushing even harder. Every new out of body experience was longer, more fascinating and more mysterious. Andov simply fell in love with astral traveling and 27 years later, he is still an astral traveler.

In time his abilities increased to such a level, that he was able to stay out of his physical body for hours, fully conscious. Sometimes he was out of his body for more than eight hours without any loss of awareness and clear astral perception.

The new and mysterious world that was opening in front of him, made him realize that reality was not what it seemed to be, but something completely different.

The author recalls that as soon as he managed to reach Earth’s orbit with his astral body, he started seeing UFOs constantly going in and out of the planet. Out of curiosity, Andov started following some of the UFOs to see where they were going and what they were doing.

Most of them were either hovering or slowly moving inside thunderstorms, other were simply disappearing into the Oceans, while some were directly flying into active volcanoes. But it those who were hovering over houses and buildings in the populated areas that caught Andov’s attention.

One thing lead to another and in time he saw enough to understand that some UFOs are not just violating human privacy, but also taking humans without any given consent and doing things to them that are difficult to explain, even in a book, without causing emotional trauma.

Many times Andov witnessed a fight between UFOs. Most of the time there was no winners but sometimes a UFO was completely disintegrated. At the beginning it appeared to him as though these conflicts were only a fight for dominance, but later he found out that not all alien beings are hostile towards humans, neither do they agree with the manipulative behavior of the abusive ones. 

Rapidly, he began to understand that humanity is under constant surveillance and exploitation by a few extraterrestrial species. He started researching and he found out that the highest levels of NASA, US Navy, NSA and CIA, have been briefed and are fully aware of the extraterrestrial presence here on Earth. However the so called, Shadow Government that funds and controls all of them, has chosen to keep the truth hidden from the general population.

Andov never stopped studying the moves of the Shadow Government regarding the alien question. One by one, the missing pieces of the mosaic started to fall into place and he was starting to see bigger picture of what was going on.

In parallel to his adventures on the Astral Plane, Andov led a normal and productive life.

Andov graduated in 1992 in Skopje – High Voltage Systems. He started his career in 1993 in Macedonian Telecom and worked on Power Supply Systems. He further specialized in computer software connected to Uninterruptible Power Supply.

In 1998 he met the love of his life Svetlana Andova and they have stayed together ever since. Their marriage was blessed with two beautiful children Leon Andov (1999) and Sara Andova (2004).

After 12 years, he left the company after realizing that computer software and the advancement of Power Supply Systems, were not his life objectives.

Together with his wife, Andov began to direct his time and energy towards making a difference by way of sharing new information and new understanding of the strange reality we live in, in his birth country Macedonia. Their method of creating public conscious awareness was via a monthly publication of their own magazine, which they called “The Sixth Sense”.

After publishing thirty two issues of the magazine, a difference in public awareness began to manifest. This created a collective change amongst peoples’ lives indicated by a very high number of replies received with gratitude, for the provided information.

As the Chief Editor of the magazine, it gave Pane unrestricted rights to document information regarding; ancient civilizations, UFO phenomena, Top Secret military projects, HAARP, Secret Societies and Illuminati, various types of meditation, studies about kundalini energy, astral projection, remote viewing, telepathy, aura’s, clairvoyance, psychometrics, psychokinesis and much more.

In 2007, Andov published his first book “Extraordinary Powers in Humans”. Among very effective training programs, specially chosen and designed for spiritual self-development, the book offered 18 of the author’s astral trips describing his contacts with alien species as the dominant subject.

After moving to Melbourne, Australia in 2009 with his family, Andov gained further qualifications in the area of Graphic Pre-press from Cambridge International College. After gaining his qualifications he again started working in the field of Telecommunications. He spent the next 3 years working for a Subcontractor of TELSTRA – Australia’s leading provider of mobile phones, home phones and broadband Internet.

Not long after, together with his family, he moved to Gold Coast, on the East Coast of Australia, where they currently reside.

During his life, Andov gained vast technical experience, which in total includes 15 years in Telecommunications and 4 years in Technical Administration. However, he never considered his technical background as his biggest asset, but his knowledge and experience in the science of Psionics.

Andov is a man of many talents.

In parallel with his technical profession, he is also an author, public speaker and instructor of Psionic arts.

Over the years, Andov’s teachings were received by thousands of students worldwide. His teachings are mostly in the fields of Kundalini Yoga, remote viewing, controlled out of body experience, Extrasensory Perception and Second Sight.

Back in 2008 he was the organizer of the Global Healing Meditations when thousands of participants were meditating together worldwide.

The purpose of the Global Healing Meditation was to unite and transform the transmitted psionic energy of so many people into one powerful stream of healing energy that would heal and rise the vibration of planet Earth.

In 2017, Andov completed the “Awakening” which is a set of four books that reveals the true nature of the hidden reality we live in. In the author’s opinion, these four books are by far the best work that he ever created in his life.

His vision is still one and the same – not to escape Earth, but to bring heaven to Earth.